Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baskervilles - Twlight Preview

New York City never seems to stop churning out up-and-coming bands these days. And with Baskervilles, the trend continues. The band released its self-titled debut in 2004 (on Secret Crush Records) and its follow-up, Twilight hits stores the first week of June. A preview track, courtesy of 1-Up PR, is below.

Baskervilles - "Caught In A Crosswalk" (MP3)

This summery, indie guitar pop ditty features catchy trumpet phrases. It's like a female-fronted answer to the Mike Watt/Eddie Vedder collaboration "Against The 70s" from the 90s, only with a 60s-type of vibe, and no distorted guitars. The rest of the album promises to continue in this direction, with dance-ready beats, the occasional handclaps, and male/female vocal-led tracks. It's a bit like Boston's Via Audio, only they're from New York.

A Blogcritics review of the full album (by yours truly) will be cross-posted here in June.

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